Marc Cook

Additional foes for Fade Beyond the Veil
RPG Miniature gaming in a world of Accursed knights and monsters. Illuminated by Lumen
An RPG of transient conversation between 2 wayward adventurers
A fan-made module for LIGHT.
A rules-lite solo rpg/hexcrawl across a deadly desert
Create your Fighters and take to the sand in Deadly Arena Combat
Look after and feed your pet Chums while taking them into a selection of mini-games
Dungeon crawler created in a week for the UoPGameJam 2018
Take the role of an explorer lost in on an abandoned planet in a short Mystery Adventure/FPS.
Old school Platformer created for the UoP Gamejam
A pipeline on creating game levels created for my MSc

My Gamejam Games

Games I have developed for Gamejams