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The sun hangs in the sky, a burning ring hollowed out by darkness. You awaken in a dark and empty castle, alone and far from the world you know. The darkness passes, returning the sun to its bright splendour and illuminating the world that fluctuates before you. 

These are the Wailing Lands, an ever changing world of fantastic sights, lost travellers and dark places with ancient secrets. Your home in these decaying lands is the Waycastle, a mysterious fort which attracts wayward souls. 

Wail is now available in print  on the Wail Forge Etsy.


Wail is a 25 page rules-lite ttrpg of solitary exploration, world building and journal writing. You take the role of a wayward adventurer lost in a new land and while playing you will build a map, generate locations, meet characters and resolve events. You will do this by keeping a journal of your adventures, creating the land, it's inhabitants and the trials you will face all through the eyes of your character. 

Wail includes:

  •  25 page rules zine 
  • Printable Hexgrid map
  • Character Sheet
  • Waycastle Map

In order to play Wail you will need:

  • Pen, Character sheet, Waycastle sheet and Hex Map 
  • Something to record your journey (Journal, audio recorder, etc)
  • Handful of six sided dice (d6) 
  • A twelve sided dice (d12)

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AuthorMarc Cook
GenreRole Playing
TagsDark Fantasy, Exploration, Fantasy, Singleplayer, solo, Tabletop role-playing game, worldbuilding, zimo


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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