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Entry for the University of Portsmouth GameJam 2018.

Explore a temple at the far end of the world and uncover the secret history of the inhabitants. Fight off the cursed denizens within, avoid deadly traps, collect treasures and attempt to find the fabled golden lamp of legend.  

Designed as a dungeon crawler in the same vein as Gauntlet, this game was based on the randomly chosen theme of Pallissery. We were inspired by the area and wanted to build a game which took inspiration from the Muslim and Hindu architecture and aesthetics. 

Created in a week by @MarcCook_ and @LeeAnnBella. Music by @TomAGarner.

*A known issue is after moving from the main menu to the game you need to click the mouse once before you can move. 


TotCL - PostJam - 64 Bit.zip 428 MB
TotCL - 64 Bit.zip 434 MB
TotCL - 32 Bit.zip 412 MB

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