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Beasts Beyond the Veil is an expanding collection of add-on zines for Fade Beyond the Veil.  

Included within are new foes for your skirmish games of Fade Beyond the Veil or print the blank zine and create your own monsters to take into battle. 

Currently included with Beasts Beyond the Veil is:

  • of Vines and the Frozen Shore: 12 new Foes and 7 new Keywords from a woodland area and a frozen coastline. 
  • Custom Foes zine: A printable zine to record your own custom enemies
  • Unhallowed Eve: A Halloween mini expansion featuring a new Scenario, additional Enemy, variable Boss battle and trick or treats table featuring 4 new Tags and a brand new Trinket. 
  • New  Winter's Spite: A Winter themed expansion featuring a new Scenario,  Boss battle, 5 new enemies, new loot featuring new Tags & Trinkets and a new game mode; a Hex Crawl.

of Vines and the Frozen Shore is a zine containing 12 new custom foes using 7 all new Keywords. Venture to the far reaches of Rhell in this expansion with creatures from the deep woods. Or travel to the ice-covered northern coasts and battle monsters who wield the cold as a weapon. These zine files are deigned for printing on an a4 sheet and then folded.

Unhallowed Eve is a 7 Page Add-on featuring a new Halloween inspired scenario where you will fight to stop a blood sacrifice before the Hallowed Reaper rises. This contains 1 new enemy and The Hallowed Reaper, a boss whose behaviour changes based on your progress in the scenario. Your rewards for completing the mission will include rolls on the Trick and Treat table. Get lucky and you may find Weapons with 4 new Tags or the brand new Trinket.

Winter's Spite is an 11 Page Add-on featuring winter themed content. The new game mode is a hex crawl across a frozen waste while engaging in skirmish battles with 5 new enemies. Prepare well as towns are rare and there will be many battles on the way to the Pillar of Spite. Here you will battle Varantur and his Heart of Winter. The Winter Rewards table gives you random new items including equipment with the new FrostbiteBitter and Ice Proof Tags or some new Trinkets. 

In order to use these add-ons you will need a full copy of Fade Beyond the Veil


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ofVinesandthFrozenShore.pdf 626 kB
BeastsBeyondtheVeil-Custom.pdf 613 kB
FBtV_UnhallowedEve.pdf 14 MB
FBtV_UnhallowedEve-Spreads.pdf 14 MB
FBtV_WintersSpite-Pages.pdf 14 MB
FBtV_WintersSpite-Spreads.pdf 14 MB
FBtV_WintersSpite-Map.pdf 827 kB
FBtVAddons - b&w.zip 4 MB