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The kingdom of Rhell was once a prosperous land. Then the Veil broke and the kingdom devolved into madness. From the tear in the Veil came a thick fog and with it monsters, demons and a curse driving the living mad. Strange magics permeate the fog and mystical bound artefacts fill the land, awaiting those that would claim them and define their power. 

You are the Accursed. Those who still retain their minds while the world around you crumbles. Your warband will venture across the land, fighting in battles, hunting monsters and collecting artefacts. Succeed and you will gain powerful treasures and new skills. But with each death you will fade away, losing yourself until only a husk remains. 

Fade Beyond the Veil is a miniature wargame and RPG for 1+ players. Create a warband, outfit them and take them into battle against the beasts and horrors that fill the land. Succeed in battle and you will gain points to purchase new skills and spells for your fighters or recover Bound Artefacts with the potential to be powerful weapons. But failure and death have a price, each time you fall your Accursed will fade, their mind fracturing and they will lose their skills until they are nothing but empty shells.

Fade Beyond the Veil was created using the Lumen system originally as an entry into the Lumen Jam.

Fade Beyond the Veil features:

  • GM led, Co-op or Solo play: Venture into the world with a GM leading the enemy forces and managing the flow of battle. Or play with friends or alone and manage the enemy forces and events yourselves. 
  • 5 Character Classes: Build a warband using the 5 classes, will you be a towering Goliath, shattering the earth as you attack? Or the unstable Immolator, burning your way across the battlefield? Customize your warband however you see fit.  
  • In-depth upgrade system: Convert your earned XP into new Traits, Spells or use it to improve your core Stats. 
  • Weapon Crafting: Take Bound Artefacts you find in battle and unlock their potential. Uncover 11 weapon types and discover their abilities from 40 different Tags. 
  • 5 Scenarios with unique events: Battle a necromancer who is haunting the woods, survive an assault by bandits or hunt a dreaded dragon. Each scenario has a set of random events which can fully change the flow of battle. 
  • Miniature Agnostic gameplay: Take any models you wish to the battlefield or kitbash your own.
  • Free Additional Content: Download an additional class the Revenant, or venture into new locations and missions with Beasts Beyond the Veil as Pay what you want!

Purchasing Fade Beyond the Veil will give you:

  • 42 page PDF rulebook in colour and black and white (spreads or pages)
  • Quick reference sheet
  • Character sheets
  • Printable Item cards

Fade Beyond the Veil is part of the Lux Collective, check the page for some other great LUMEN games.

A free Quickstart for Fade Beyond the Veil is available and contains the prototype core rules to play, a premade set of 3 fighters, 4 enemies and a scenario to try. *

*All text in the Quickstart is not final and has been updated for the full release. 

"This game is Illuminated by LUMEN, based on the LUMEN RPG system designed by Spencer Campbell, Gila RPGs. This game is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs."

Illuminated by Lumen

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorMarc Cook
TagsBoard Game, Fantasy, Tabletop role-playing game, wargame, zine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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FbtV_QuickReference.pdf 442 kB

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For each fully price purchase of the game I will add an additional copy to the Community copy pool.

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FadeBeyondtheVeil_QuickStart-v1.pdf 16 MB
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Just wondering if we can ask rules questions here. thanks

Hey sure thing, ask away and i'll answer here



Was wondering , for the Weaver class trying to figure out his weapon. Got arcane from keywords, Weave I think is Weaver from keywords. Can't figure out catalyst..

Great game, hoping to post some play reports on FB solo wargaming, middle of next month.

So for the Weaver and the Catalyst the Weave Keyword means you need to roll using your Weave stat instead of Hammer of Scythe when making attacks. 

The Arcane tag means Attacks that are rolled using the Weave stat Deal +1 Harm. 

And thank you so much. If you do post them feel free to post a link here, I'm not active on FB but would like to see them. I'm glad you're enjoying the game!


great, that clears that up. 

Last question. The immolater class ability Douse. Do u have to purchase oil first to use ability. Or is it always available for  1AP.

Douse is available for the Immolator to use any time for 1AP.vThe idea was as an Immolator the character always has their own stock of it while other classes need an additional item.  


Hi Marc,

Trying to pick up one of your reduced cost copies, but itch demanding minimum $6 at checkout (as sale price).  Would be grateful if you could take a look at it.  Thanks

Hey, I think there is an issue with the summer sale and the reduced cost copies. I've removed the reduced cost copies to stop this being an issue but added a few community copies so feel free to grab one of them instead! 


Nice one!  Looking forward to trying it out.


Great game, played the first two missions.  Any chance of printer friendly version of winters spite and unhallowed eve. Can't wait to try out the hexcrawl.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'll have a go at getting print friendly versions of both expansions ready tomorrow and will drop a message here when its available. 

Black and White versions of both addons are now available on the Beasts Beyond the Veil page. I hope you enjoy them!


I strongly consider releasing games using its mechanics.

Excellent job!


I don't suppose there's a printer-friendly version?

Hey I've just sorted and uploaded a print-friendly version. There's a spreads or pages version. I hope you enjoy.