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Completed as part of my MSC in Computer Games Technology at the University of Portsmouth, this eBook is a culmination of the Pipeline which was developed for the creation of game levels. 

My project was to create level greyboxes for a game which is in development at the University. For my MSc the goal was expanded from this to the creation of a Pipeline and process for the creation of game levels which would be used to build the greybox levels for the University game project. 

This eBook contains the final pipeline I created based on research into other pipelines and workflows people use, and my skills & workflow and the requirements of the University game project. This is the final version of the pipeline which was used to develop 2 greybox levels for the game and was submitted along with my MSc.

While there are changes I would like to make to this book, for the moment this is the state of the pipeline and it is being used to develop my own game Landfall. During the development of this game any additions or changes will be implemented into the pipeline and I will release a new and updated version. 

If you would like to read more about this pipeline or how it was used you can view my blog posts about it here: Part 1 & Part 2


LevelDevPipeline_MCook.pdf 32 MB

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