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Created for the OPR Game Jam #2

Build a team of fighters and then take to the arena in a battle for glory and the Favour of the Crowd. 

Favour of the Crowd is a One Page set of rules for a miniature wargame for 2+ Players.  

Balance keeping your fighters alive and defeating your enemies while also keeping the crowd happy. It's not enough to defeat your enemies, you need to put on a show. 

Use the crowds Favour to to give your fighters a morale boost, but fighters who earn their ire are more likely to lose their heads!

You will need:

  • Fighter miniatures
  • 2 d6 
  • Pen and Paper or character sheets to track your characters
  • Something to use a wound markers
  • Ruler
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorMarc Cook
Tagsarena, miniatures, physical, Turn-Based Combat, wargame


Favour of the Crowd v1.1 304 kB
FavourCharacterSheets_v2.pdf 705 kB
Favour_PremadeFighters #1 4 MB
FavouroftheCrowdv1 - Original Jam 3 MB

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