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A rules-lite solo rpg/hexcrawl around a decaying fantasy world you build as you play. · By Marc Cook


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Physical update and Community copies
A short update just to say that the physical copies have all arrived with me and are looking great. I'm really happy with them and will get them onto Etsy and s...
Wail - Release
Wail has finally fully launched! I've finished up the last of the art, done a final check and it is now available. First a small apology. Finishing up the artwo...
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Wail - Itchfunding complete
The Itchfunding for Wail is now complete, thanks so much to all 160 of you that backed this project. I really hope you are enjoying Wail and building your own w...
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Wail - Final week of Crowdfunding
It's the start of the final week of ZiMo 2022 so I thought I'd give a breakdown of the next steps for Wail before the campaign closes. First of all a small apol...
Wail - Final Funding Goal Reached
Thank you all for the support, we've just passed the final funding goal! I never thought we'd have so many people pledging for this game, at the time of writing...
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Wail - Physical Add-on Funded
Thanks to the support from all of you the $250 and $300 goals have been smashed! The add-on zine will be available digitally and also as an a6 zine with each ph...
Wail - Successfully Funded
The first target of a print run of Wail has been successfully funded! First of all a massive thank you to everyone that has backed this project. I'm so happy wi...
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Wail - Itchfunding Zine Month 2022
Wail is currently feature complete and available for download right now. I am working on the artwork and additional content to add a few extra pages to the zine...
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The first version of Wail is now available. This is a feature complete game and is currently only missing the artwork. W...
started by Marc Cook Dec 31, 2021
15 replies
Initial goal now funded, congratulations.
started by Nameless Designer Feb 04, 2022
1 reply