Physical update and Community copies

A short update just to say that the physical copies have all arrived with me and are looking great. I'm really happy with them and will get them onto Etsy and send discount codes to Zimo Backers within the next few weeks (when life slows down and I get a chance to do it!) This will also include a code for the Wailing Hex kit.

Physical copies here and looking great!

I have also updated the community copies so if you do not have the means to pay for it, or you know someone who would like to try it please feel free to take a copy. 

Get Wail

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Hi!  I just wanted to check in on the physical release time?  :3?

Sorry for the late response. I'm hoping this month to have them available but I've been going through some stuff which has delayed it all a bit. 

I'll be posting here as soon as it's available! 

No worries!  No rush, either, I hope things get better for you though :3


Physical release is coolest idea!!