Wail - Physical Add-on Funded

Thanks to the support from all of you the $250 and $300 goals have been smashed! The add-on zine will be available digitally and also as an a6 zine with each physical purchase of Wail. 

The Add-on is tentatively titled ‘The Mysteries of the Wailing Lands’ and will feature a few factions that can be joined while playing, prompts detailing truths of the world to assist with lore & world history, some additional foes and artefacts for you to discover in your game. Here is a little mock-up of the zine so far. 

Now for the $400+ goal. I'm avoiding anything new and physical for this goal as I am wary of rising shipping costs. However if we somehow manage to get  beyond the $400 goal each backer will get a set of hex art for each of the Regions, Major Landmarks and Minor Landmarks found in Wail. This pack of hex art will be free for all backers and will be released with a license allowing use in your own works or projects. 

Once again thank you all so much for the confidence in backing this project and I hope you enjoy your time exploring Wail!

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