Wail - Itchfunding Zine Month 2022

Wail is currently feature complete and available for download right now. I am working on the artwork and additional content to add a few extra pages to the zine including additional prompt tables and narrative content.

This month Itchfunding is being used to produce a physical copy of Wail. If this funding is reached all backers will be sent a $4 discount code which can be used towards a print copy of the zine. The Print copies will be released on the Wail Forge Etsy and will cost $12. 

Itchfunding Goals:

$200 - Print run funded

$250 - Digital 6 page add-on 

$300 - Print run of add-on

$400 - ???


Wail-Artless.zip 980 kB
Dec 31, 2021

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