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The game-world for Landfall is coming along nicely, all of the overworld rooms have been added and the current task is detailing each of the rooms with the flora, fauna and hiding secrets for the player to discover. The last few weeks have been spent making the assets including the creatures, flora and scenery which will be populating the levels and creating any additional functionality such as locked doors and switches. I have also been tidying up some areas and optimizing the levels and beginning to implement the sound effects and extra visual effects. 

Throughout their journey the player will come across three main locations, The Jungle, The Mesa and the Crimson Forest. Each of these areas plays host to wildlife exclusive to them. By fully exploring each of the biomes the player will be able to fill their scanlog with information about the inhabitants of the world, uncover the history of the land and uncover the mystery of the ruins running deep below the planets surface. 

I have designed each of these locations to visually distinct and unique, and each will be filled with creatures and plants which are unique to the area. For example, The Jungle contains a number of insect creatures which cannot be found anywhere else while the Crimson Forest has larger creatures who have the ability to maneuver around and grow with their larger homes. 

The next step for this game will be the completion of all of the overworld rooms and the implementation of the games 'underworld' level. This will involve the creation of some new puzzle systems and map designs for combat encounters, however these are mostly going to be kept close to my chest as i want them to surprise the player when the game is released early next year. This is the same reason why most of the creatures in the game are not being shown yet, with a game all about exploration and discovery, I don't want to show too much of the content off before release as this would dilute the 'wow' factor of any discoveries the player may have. 

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