Landfall - Scans and Music

This week has been busy for development on Landfall. I've finished the overworld block out for the levels, detailed some of the rooms in each of the 3 main biomes and began work on the creatures you will be encountering during your time on this alien world. 

A minor but still important addition this week was the changing crosshair which reacts to the player's view. If the player is looking at an item which contains a certain tag (in this case the tag is ScanLog) the crosshair will change from the default square to a circle to indicate the item can be added to the players scan diary. 
The creatures featured within Landfall will not all be hostile, as a matter of fact many of them will be entirely docile and just going about their lives. However others will not be as forgiving of the player intruding upon their homes and will defend themselves. 

Im also happy to announce @TomAGarner is working on the audio for the game. He has done some first drafts of the soundtrack for the menu and opening areas and they have been fantastic to listen to. The tracks have been added with some basic functionality into the game and they really give the world the alien atmosphere I was hoping for. 

For the next week I'm going to be taking some time away from the computer as I gear up for the start of a new job the following week. However this will be a perfect time for me to hammer out the designs and concepts for the alien lifeforms, flora and narrative for the game. I'm excited to build the world which will be featured in this game and share it with all players.

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