Landfall - Concept

Landfall is an Adventure/FPS game I am building in UE4 as a test of my level development pipeline created for my MSc. This game is intended to be a short narrative and explorations focused adventure where the main goal is to find you way off of an alien world. In order to achieve this you must explore the various biomes of the world, navigating the landscapes and locating shrines of a mysterious alien race. 

The game features the ability to scan the various flora, fauna and relics which are scattered across the world in order to understand the history of the land and what fate befell it. Scanning any items you find will build your data log and keep a record of all of your discoveries, giving hints and lore about the world around you. 

At your side you also have a rifle which can be used to defend yourself against the more aggressive inhabitants of the world and to unlock encounters and secrets within the levels. In order to learn everything you can and scan all of the possible items you must explore each area fully. Some Relics will be hidden and only the most observant and explorative will find them. 

So far 2 of the biomes (The Jungle and The Mesa) have been blocked out and are fully traversable from start to finish and the final areas will be worked on over the coming week. The next stage will be to populate the levels will assets and detailing models as well as the functionality. The scanning functionality currently works but needs an art and effects pass in order to be visually exciting. 

A small addition to today's development was the addition of the Area Notifications which displays the name of the biome you are in as you enter it. This was a simple addition but one which is visually appealing and informative to the players navigation.  

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